Welcome to the Christian Music Library..

Welcome to the Christian Music Library..

Christian music is music that is used to praise, worship, ceremonial purposes, penitence or lament and is used in wide variety to express communal belief regarding Christian Life and Faith. Just like other forms of music, the creation, performance, significance, and even the definition of Christian music varies according to various cultures.

Christian music is not a musical genre like the other genres. A song is identified as "Christian" taking into account their texts and authors and performers, rather than musical style. Therefore, Christian music is wide and diverse, and there are Christian songs that are sung to the rhythm of salsa, reggae, rock or folk, but also ballads, pop, singer-songwriters and even punk and heavy metal.

And here in this blog you will find a collection of various albums by different artists which you can download free for listening purpose..and if you like them please buy the original music from the respective artists or store and support the artists..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Come To The Throne (1996) - Martin Ball


01. O How Good It Is
02. You've Turned My Morning Into Dancing
03. Look And See The Glory Of The King
04. All Heaven Declares
05. I Worship You
06. With All My Heart
07. Great Is Your Love
08. I Will Give You Thanks
09. Renew Them In Our Day
10. We Have Called On You Lord
11. You're Worthy Of My Praise
12. We Are Stilled
13. Standing By Your Grace

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